Payment Options Available

Credit Analysis is required on all Credit Repair packages.

Credit monitoring service with Identity IQ is required and will cost $21.99 per month. This fee is not included in the pricing packages listed below.

Credit Analysis

One-time Fee

  • Audit of all three major Credit Bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian)
  • Review your credit report for inaccurate items.
  • Review of outdated accounts.
  • Review your credit report for inaccurate personal information.
  • Review accounts that can be made current.
  • Review accounts with high credit utilization.
  • Build a plan on how to fix information.
  • Build a plan to raise your credit score.
  • Build a plan to rebuild your credit score.
  • Provide you with a detailed report of everything listed above.
  • Consult with you via phone regarding your detailed plan.
  • Training to raise and rebuild your credit score.
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Monthly Package

Per Month

  • 24/7 Client Portal Access
  • Analysis and review of client file status.
  • Receiving and processing manual updates.
  • Respond and receive correspondence by mail or phone.
  • Review client’s credit report updates to determine next steps.
  • Create a strategic plan to assist clients in meeting their goals.
  • Create and send dispute letters to creditors.
  • Assist with budget and credit question/process.
  • Provide ongoing budget and spending recommendations.
  • Provide clients with access to educational portal sites.
  • Update clients with educational materials.
  • Provide debt consolidation options.
  • Unlimited Support.
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Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

Credit Repair Software

  • Up to 3 Users
  • 200 Pre-Written Letters
  • 20 Dispute Campaigns
  • Automated
  • Credit Repair Training
  • Video Training
  • Free Updates
  • Backup
  • Dispute Tracking
  • Creditors and Collectors
  • Credit Analysis Not Required
  • Windows Version Only
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Additional Services

For Pricing

  • Build/Rebuild Personal Credit
  • Building Business Credit
  • Personal and Business Lending Options
  • Mobile Notary Services
  • Innovis Disputing
  • LexisNexis Disputing
  • Tenant Screening Disputing
  • Chex Systems Disputing
  • Other Reporting Consumer Bureaus
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